As a leading expert in skincare and the absolute favorite behind the camera-ready, flawless skin of the Netherlands’ most celebrated celebrities, Lindsay van der Looij has been in the field and worked with skincare brands for over 20 years. LABAREAU stands for quality and luxury: highly concentrated ingredients, a deeply volumizing effect, and a uniquely formulated technology.

She started her career working within luxury perfume shops and later as an account manager for high-end skincare brands. Further in her career, she founded her acclaimed skin clinics in Amsterdam, where she has spent years leading a team of medical doctors, skin therapists, and estheticians.

Redefining Luxury in Skincare after 20 Years of Expertise

After 20 years of working with all sorts of skin types, skin conditions, and skincare products, Lindsay found herself unsatisfied with the quality of the global assortment of skincare. Following her passion, Lindsay has created a new and improved product, which has the luxury packaging she once admired in the perfume shops, and one that she found was missing from the global skincare assortment: LABAREAU was born.

The Trusted Skincare Expert for Celebrities in the Netherlands

Lindsay van der Looij is known for her knowledge and expertise in the field of skincare. She is acclaimed for her results-driven approach to skincare. Lindsay has a broad range of expertise, from skincare equipment and laser equipment to working alongside cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Her passion for skin improvement and skin rejuvenation has made her the best-kept secret among the Netherlands’ most famous celebrities.

A Groundbreaking Approach to Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation"

After extensive research, collaborating with an entire team of experts, working alongside a biochemist, formula development, and clinical testing, LABAREAU was launched. A revolutionary approach to anti-aging, creating a never seen before level of skin rejuvenation.