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A paradigm shift in skin rejuvenation has occurred over the past few years, a trend that will only be accelerated in the near future of skincare science. Although formerly the reinvigoration of the skin was only achieved through expensive purchases in aesthetic clinics, now skin rejuvenation takes on a fundamental role in our holistic beauty regime at home. Similarly, the goals and aspirations of anti-aging skin science have changed too. We used to widely accept that home-based skincare routines merely managed the inevitable age-related deterioration when it comes to tone and clarity, now the more ambitious aim is to reverse the sign of aging. Having a youthful complex is no longer only realized through acquisition. A thorough anti-aging skincare routine at home becomes the crucial element that brings us one step closer to our desired eternal youth.
In this context, aesthetic surgery has become an additional aspect, rather than simply the means of how skin rejuvenation can be acquired. Home-based wellness regimes step up their game in the evolution of anti-aging skincare science, and nowadays individuals themselves carry greater responsibility in the process of keeping their skin vital, healthy and glowing. This development is the driving factor behind the necessity to advance anti-aging skincare products at home that are not only effective but are also easy and safe to use without significant downtime.

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Although a number of products have attempted to battle the aging of the skin, these products are still mainly used in clinic-based skin therapies and are not available for home purposes. For this reason, Netherlands’s most renowned skin expert Lindsay van der Looij collaborated with leading biochemists to create a home-based anti-aging skincare regime that was still missing on the market of global skincare products. After years of extensive research, formula development, and clinical testing, the launch of LABAREAU offers a ground-breaking skincare line that reduces the signs of aging and offers transformative results combating wrinkles, pigmentation and scars. The collection consists out of eight easy-to-use products that can be easily implemented in one’s beauty regime, rejuvenating the skin and reversing the signs of aging.

The LABAREAU products stimulate the rejuvenating of the skin by restoring its ability to produce collagen and elastin. At the forefront of this innovation, the drive is the brand’s uniquely formulated SAXZ-12®️ technology, which promotes the formation of powerful and highly concentrated ingredients. Clinically proven results demonstrate how the appearance of wrinkles, pores, and fine lines are significantly reduced. Meanwhile, the beauty of the skin is optimized by looking and feeling more smooth, plump, and firm.
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The introduction of LABAREAU on the global market offers a revolutionary approach to anti-aging in the comfort of your own home. An exclusive and easy-to-use skincare line, advocating a scientific breakthrough that stops the need for busy individuals to make space for time-consuming cosmetic appointments. LABAREAU simply offers you clinic-grade results in boosting collagen and rejuvenating the skin that will leave you in complete awe.
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