LABAREAU Blog - The Power Of Beauty Boosting Collagen

The power of beauty-boosting collagen.

Prevent collagen levels dropping and keep your skin radiant and glowing all year long
As the cold weather rolls in and temperatures drop to kickstart the winter season, it is the perfect moment to upgrade your home beauty routine. Especially during the cold winter months, using the right products and maintaining a high-quality skincare ritual can break or make your complexion. A nutrient-rich skincare routine becomes essential because the winter weather conditions heavily affect our skin, hair, and nails. The wind and lack of humidity in the air combined with excessive central heating accelerate this process. Consequently, winter skin is identified as being dry, flaky, cracking easily, and what we fear most – the absence of vitamin D leaving us with a grey, dull and lackluster complexion.
So what’s the quick fix behind all these unwanted winter skin conditions? The issue at stake here is the depletion of collagen. Of course, collagen levels drop naturally as we age, but studies demonstrate how external aggressors such as smoking, ultraviolet radiation, pollution, and winter weather additionally intervene with the skin’s ability to produce collagen.
If you want to say goodbye to chapped skin or that dreaded dull winter complexion – boosting your collagen levels needs to be on top of your priority list. LABAREAU will tell you everything you need to know how to get a glowing, firm, and plumped-up-looking skin all year long – even when it’s chilly and cold outside.
LABAREAU - Collagen - The Science behind our products
What is collagen?
If you are wondering how to improve your complexion, boost your skin’s brightness, and radiate vitality and good health, look no further than the not-so-secret protein that provides elasticity, firmness, and strength to skin tissue: collagen. The word collagen derives from the Greek ‘kolla’ and literally means the glue that holds the skin and body together. Collagen is especially important when it comes to healthy skin tissue and, along with elastin, is responsible for the maintenance of supple, youthful, radiant-looking skin. The main problem prevailing here, however, lies in the fact that collagen fibers in your skin naturally lose their thickness and strength with age. Studies by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology have demonstrated how older skin loses its ability to produce collagen by itself, resulting in fearful skin aging effects such as wrinkles, lines, sagging, and pigmentation.
Get your hands on the LABAREAU collagen-boosting night and day serums
Luckily, the advancement of anti-aging skincare today allows for the improvement of overall skin complexion by fighting wrinkles while boosting collagen levels. The launch of LABAREAU offers a ground-breaking skincare line with day and night serums that boosts collagen levels by stimulating the rejuvenating of the skin. LABAREAU’s powerful and technology-advanced SAXZ-12®️ formula features highly concentrated, collagen-supporting vitamin C and peptides that restore the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin. As a result, the appearance of wrinkles, pores, and fine lines are significantly reduced while keeping your skin nicely moisturized and hydrated. Both The Day Formula and The Night Formula by LABAREAU are specifically formulated to plump up your skin and keep it resilient to cold weather all while enhancing its radiance and improving its bounce.
LABAREAU The Collection Luxury Anti-Aging Skincare
Upgrade your skin routine
Although the skin is mainly exposed to different (weather) conditions during the day, it also needs good care while you sleep. LABAREAU helps you perfectionate both your morning and evening skin routine, by offering a complete skincare line that includes cleansing, toning, peeling, applying vitamin C and peptides-rich creams while lathering up with hyaluronic serum twice a day. LABAREAU’s unique SAXZ-12®️ formula has been clinically tested and proven to keep the skin healthy and hydrated, smooth, and firm all year long – even during rough winter weather conditions.
Get your hands on the beauty-boosting serums and shop the must-have LABAREAU skincare collection now.