Busted: Skincare myths exposed

Busted: Skincare myths exposed

Who doesn’t want glowy, youthful and clear skin? A lot of you are looking for skin recommendations. The reality is that numerous skincare tips and insights found online are ineffective, and certain myths may even sabotage your skin’s health. To unveil the truth, I am here to help to separate the good advice from risky beauty hacks.

Myth: Natural and organic products are always clinically tested.

False. One of the biggest myths in dermatology generally suggests that natural skincare products are safer to use. The fact that a product labels itself as organic doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. The first thing you should do when deciding which products to buy is to verify the origin of any claims and ensure that the recommendations are supported by reviewed clinical research. At Labareau, all ingredients undergo examination and testing. Our formula is 100% evidence-based, and the revolutionary SAXZ-12®️ technology enhances both skin texture and elasticity.

Myth: Anti-aging skincare products aren't for women in their twenties.

False. Whoever said women in their twenties don't need to worry about anti-aging skincare products clearly lived in a lie. When you're in your twenties, the renewal of your skin cells slows down, which is a crucial aspect to keep your skin youthful. As much as we may dislike it, collagen production naturally slows down as we age. That's why it's so important to use a plumping collagen serum to maintain that desired youthful appearance. Labareau proudly presents, The Day Formula, a powerful serum that makes your skin look and feel smoother, fuller, and firmer.

Myth: Taking collagen supplements is enough to provide you with anti-aging benefits.

False. While taking collagen supplements can help, simply ingesting collagen pills is not sufficient to achieve visible anti-aging results. In fact, this is one of the most common misconceptions about collagen. Supplements are beneficial for collagen in the joints of our body but do not have a full impact on the skin. To get a younger-looking skin, you need a collagen-based serum like The Day Formula and The Night Formula. These bestsellers feature an advanced, plumping collagen serum that delivers visible anti-aging effects. The serum reduces wrinkles and fine lines, as well as the size and appearance of pores. The Day Formula and The Night Formula serums promote Labareau's unique SAXZ-12®️ technology: a blend of powerful ingredients that will help naturally stimulate collagen and elastin in skin tissue. Therefore, we recommend taking both collagen supplements and collagen serums to achieve optimal anti-aging effects.


Myth: Leaving your makeup on while sleeping is harmful.

True. When you first started wearing makeup, your mother probably told you to always clean your face and remove all your makeup before going to bed. And guess what: your mother was right. While it might be tempting to believe that sleeping with your makeup on occasionally is okay, we hate to break it to you, but it really isn't. Leaving makeup on while going to bed can cause long-term damage to your skin. Most cell regeneration occurs while we sleep. So, you can imagine that when there's still makeup on the skin, this process gets disrupted, potentially causing inflammation and clogging pores. So, the next time you come home after a few drinks and want to roll straight into bed, gather yourself and cleanse your face! At Labareau we have the perfect cleanser for you! The Cleanser is a gentle and effective cleansing lotion for a radiant, voluminous skin engineered to deliver unparalleled results backed by scientific research. The Cleanser holds an unique blend of active, quality ingredients to deeply cleanse the skin and remove all impurities. Formulated with vitamin C, The Cleanser provides a clean and hydrated base for an even skin tone.

Myth: Double cleansing is essential for deep cleansing the skin.

False. Just like washing your hair, you don't need to wash, or in this case, cleanse, twice if you're using the right products. A good cleansing product with the promised functional ingredients will do the job with a single cleanse. What I do recommend is using The Toner twice!  This way your skin is fully prept for your other skincare products. However, you should be careful in finding a cleanser that suits your skin. It's crucial to find a multi-tasking cleanser that won't dry out your face or strip your skin of essential oils. If you're unsure which cleanser is best for your skin, The Cleanser by Labareau is a safe choice because it doesn't disrupt the skin's natural pH balance and is suitable for all skin types. The Cleanser is the first step to a lush and radiant complexion. Not only does it cleanse your skin and remove impurities, it also naturally hydrates your skin and enhances the absorption of other products in your skincare routine. While a single cleanse is sufficient, double cleansing is ultimately fine as long as you use gentle products. If you enjoy the feeling of a deep and thorough cleanse, try using The Toner after cleansing to remove any excess dirt and makeup.

Myth: The order in which you apply your skincare products matters a lot.

True. Applying your skincare products in the correct order is crucial for achieving optimal results. Each skincare product is carefully formulated in its own distinctive way, and only when applied correctly and in the right sequence does your skin benefit from all the ingredients' advantages. Make sure to always cleanse your face with a cleanser and a toner before applying your serums, followed by a nourishing thick facial cream, such as The Volume. This luxurious cream deeply hydrates your skin. I recommend a few seconds between applying each product to your skin. This way, your skin can effectively absorb all the ingredients and achieve maximum results.



Myth: You don't need to use exfoliating products at home.

False. Exfoliating your skin is important, as it is the key to that desired glow. Firstly, exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin. Removing dead skin cells is crucial if you want to prevent clogged pores and thereby pimples and blackheads. Dead skin cells can cause your skin to look dull, but by exfoliating the skin, you'll achieve a healthier-looking glow. If you're looking for an exfoliator that also has anti-aging effects, then The AHA Peel is an absolute must-have. And good news for makeup lovers: by regularly exfoliating the skin, your makeup will adhere better to your skin and stay put.

Myth: You can reduce the puffiness in your face.

True. Nobody likes the appearance of a puffy face. Whether it's due to last night's cocktails or an allergic reaction - waking up puffy can be frustrating, especially if you don't know how to get rid of it. While most puffiness will naturally decrease over time, there are some tricks you can do at home to reduce facial swelling. If you're experiencing puffiness, especially around your eyes, try using a cold compress in the morning. Or if you want to take it a step further, consider using facial massage rollers to train the muscles in your face. For example, with The Face Workout, facial muscles are massaged, improving oxygen flow. By enhancing blood circulation in your face, the puffiness will diminish quickly. Or try The Facelift Roller and treat yourself to a daily facelift at home to give your face a firmer and younger appearance.


Myth: Everyone should stick to the same skincare routine.

False. And finally: the world is an incredibly diverse place, filled with all kinds of beautiful people with different skin tones and skin issues. That means there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare. If you want to ensure you're using the right products tailored to your skin type, you can always visit BLOY Institute for advice. Together, we can find a skincare and beauty routine that suits your face and is easy to implement at home. Why? Because you deserve it!